Math School Games Learning Counting, Addition, Multiplication & more for Kids from Preschool and Kindergarten to Grade 1 - 4 by Abby Monkey® App Reviews

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Great game.....But

Very entertaining game for learning math. But on the Bingo part it keeps giving problems with no answer on the board. For instance, 3x5= and then no 15 to choose. It happened on all the ones I tried. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars.

Needs improvement

My daughter was having fun and learning with this app until she played the bingo section. The question was 16+5, but the answer was not available in the bingo squares to tap so her time ran out and she had to quit the game. The lowest number was 32 which is obviously not the correct answer of 21. We will probably be deleting this app.

Won't load

I have tried for 2 days now, tried reloading, but this app will not load. Very disappointing, since I paid for nothing!

Deleted from my iPad after 10 minutes

The first time I opened the app, the menu page was unresponsive, and none of the games would open. The second time, I was able to get past the menu to the Bingo game, which I tried the multiplication medium level. The first question was 1 x 7, but the answer, 7, wasn't among the answers listed. There was no way to restart the game or do anything but try all the wrong answers, with the app telling me wrong answer each time, and I finally had to close the app again because I couldn't get past the first question. I imagine this would be very frustrating for a child, so I deleted the app.

Math can be fun!

This is a great math app, and definitely has everything for the burgeoning learner, from learning numbers all the way up to multiplication and division. The different levels of difficulty ensure that this will help your kiddos with their math skills for a long time. I love the Easter egg bingo, it's so cute and fun! The graphics are beautiful throughout, and the app works very well on my older iPad.

Such A Great Kids App! So Happy

I love this app! My 4-year-old daughter is so happy when she plays it. The app has a pleasing interface with vivid colors and four games for math practice that are simple to play and efficient for learning. It is solidly built and I did not observe any bugs while watching my daughter play. Everything works as intended. Very neat app!

Learn Basic Math Facts

This beautiful app can make learning math very easy for your child. This is a great solution for building fundamental skills that serve as building blocks that prepare them for more difficult concepts---at the same time there's 4 games to keep it fun! Very helpful!

Great learning tool

Amazing app for kids to practice basic math facts. You can choose from numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division areas. It is a fantastic practice to get children school ready. My twins each have their own tablet and they love to compete over who gets the answer faster. They especially enjoy the challenge of Egg Hunt game because they have to find a missing term in the equation rather than just blurt out an answer. Overall, great educational tool!


I was looking for the perfect application to help my child understand simple concepts. I'd already downloaded other apps from this seller to teach my child spelling, so I decided to try out numbers too. This app had no problem challenging my child to push themselves further in math, and he was very encouraged after every time the 'voice' praised for a job well done. He always tries to beat his high scores too. Highly recommend if you're trying to have your kids have fun while learning

My daughters love this!!!

My friend recommended this app and my daughters love it! It provides hours of fun and entertainment while teaching them important skills to prepare them for school.

Wonderful math app!!!

Wonderful math app My 4 yr old daughter loves this cute spring math app. I got it for her as a gift for Easter and she loves playing with it! It is really great that younger children can play this thanks to a mode where they are tasked to recognize numbers. Very easy to build up to simple addition from that. Moreover, you can choose the difficulty level for each game, creating possibilities for customization.

Top Notch!

This is one of the better basic learning apps I have come across! The easy to use interface keeps kids on track and limits distractions, and the material covered is perfect. Plus, its great fun! This game packages knowledge and entertainment into one bundle. I mean, who doesn’t love that little bunny? Overall a great game, perfect for any parent.

My kids love it!

What an awesome app. Its 4 games in one. My kids have a blast playing it and will not put it down! I have definitely seen improvement in their number recognition and basic functions. Both fun and educational at the same time. Awesome app overall!


I got this app because my niece likes to play with my phone and this cute math app keeps her entertain. The best part she is learning.

Kid approved

I've been giving a child in my neighborhood some arithmetic tips but I realized I need a way for him to practice on his own when I'm not there. Enter this app. I have him run through rounds of this game when I'm not there and he tries to beat his high score each time. When he does, he earns a reward. Needless to say he likes this game a lot.

It's colorful and fun!

This popped up in my new apps feed and its cute animations made me want to let my son play with it next time we went out. As soon as we got into the car I loaded it up for him and saw him not put it down once! I really love the female voice actress, she seems so warm and inviting and could just see my soon try to win so he could hear the accolades of achievement haha It's hard to put down because once you think you're done theres another game you might want to play or another difficulty level you want to try. Its so exciting to see him this in love with something math related. Will buy more of these in the future

Math has never been so fun!

I have a first grader who has started to learn her multiplication tables, and when I got her a handful of apps to help her none of them lasted past 15 minutes, except this one. You are taken to a front screen and then you get to choose what games you want to play. All the games let you use Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to work solve the puzzles. My daughter loves the color and music, but to see her multiply so that she can hatch more baby chicks is fun! Try it on the iPad, it looks beautiful :)

Fantastic app!!!

Awesome! This app is a fantastic app for kids to get faster with their math skills. They can develop mathematical thought while having a lot of fun. My son and I love this app so much!

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